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Seeking a job where you can make a difference? As a Home Health Aides you will be making a positive impact in someone’s life. Being a HHA is one of the best ways to get into the medical field. Here at HHAOnlineCourse.com it is our wish to help get you get employed as a HHA as quickly and affordably as possible. Due to the rising retirement population, the United States has a desperate need for Home Health Aides, and finding a job as an HHA could not be any easier. Many agencies are hiring 15+ HHA's at a time! As an HHA you can rest assure that you will always have a job, because the medical field is very stable, even in an unstable economy. 

Course High Lights:

    * 24/7 Online Course Access, Allowing you to learn at your own pace.
    * Instructor support for any questions you may have.
    * Course Certification.
    * Has a low cost of $89.99

   What we provide
Once you decide to enroll, we provide you with all the information, skills, training, and procedures you need to know.  Don't be fooled by other HHA courses offered online or locally.  They charge too much for too little. Our course includes information on all 17 required HHA skills.  Our course includes literature, photographs, examples, illustrations, practice tests, and demonstration videos. Equally important, we review all the required procedures that you will need to know. As a bonus, we include our CPR & BFA course free of charge. If you have any questions, an instructor is available to answer any questions you may have about the material. The best part about our course is all the information is online and accessible 24/7. Finally, you have access to the course for a full year!

Our Course At a Glance:
    * An in depth guide for your HHA training.
    * A Step by Step Guide for each of the 17 clinical skills.
    * Fire safety, infection control and emergency situation prep.
    * CPR Course(Adult/Child/Infant)
    * End of Life Care
    * Dementia & Alzheimer Care
    * Food Borne Illness/Kitchen Safety
    * And much more.

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